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One-touch treasure hunting ability and up to 99 target ID segments provide an enjoyable search experience right out of the box. The integrated cam locks increase stem stability for your comfort and accuracy, while the target depth indicators provide valuable information before you start digging. Backed by Garrett’s 2-year warranty, you can search with the confidence the manufacturer has you covered.

Ace 200 has 4 sensitivity values and offers a better depth and discriminations. Garrett is well known to be strong and capable machine for beginners.

Ace 400 is really loved by most metal detectors because of its nice graphic interface. You can hit coins t 8-9 inches through trash and even mineralized beach.

For Ace 300, we completely agree with metal detector experts with the fact that this is loaded with well beyond beginner’s ability. This is very easy to put together and is lightweight with a very reliable accuracy especially in dry sand.

Comparison Table

Garrett ACE 200 Garrett ACE 300 Garrett ACE 400
Why Consider? An ideal choice for novices or younger detectorists as it’s lightweight and easy-to-use, yet powerful. A step up from the basic, this model performs well with advanced technology and more features This is the top model of the ACE detectors, and has Iron Audio, an advanced DD coil, and excellent headphones
Ideal for:
Best for kids ages 9 and older and beginners of any age. This is also Garrett’s most affordable model. Great for intermediates, this is a step up from the 200 with 2 more search modes and a built-in pinpointer. An excellent upgrade for those who are getting more serious about the hobby, this detector uses the same DD PROformance coil that the most expensive Garrett product uses.
Iron Discrimination Segments 1 Level 4 Levels 4 Levels
Notch Discrimination
Fixed Adjustable Adjustable
Is the Volume Adjustable? No Yes Yes
Tone Levels
3 3 3
Search Modes 3 easy-to-use modes 5 search modes 5 search modes
Sensitivity Depth Adjustment
4 8 8
Threshold Adjustment? No Yes Yes
No Yes Yes
Waterproof Search coil is waterproof Search coil is waterproof Search coil is waterproof
Battery Condition Indicator
Yes Yes Yes
Depth Indicator Depth indicator included, range up to 13” Depth indicator included, range up to 13” Depth indicator included, range up to 13”
Search Coil
6.5” x 9” Concentric Search Coil 7” x 10” Concentric PROformer Coil 8.5” x 11” DD PROformer Coil
Total Weight 2.75 lbs. 2.8 lbs. . 2.9 lbs.
Headphones Included?
No Yes Yes
Operating Frequency 6.5 kHz 8 kHz 10 kHz
Digital Target ID
Yes Yes Yes
Length 40-53” (adjustable) 40-53” (adjustable) 40-53” (adjustable)


For a beginner detectorist, the Garret ACE 200 is an affordable device with simple features that make it easy to learn. If you’re looking for an excellent mid-range machine with features of a more advanced model, look no further than the Garrett ACE 300.

The top choice for those who’ve been detectorists for a while and want to step up their game, the Garrett ACE 400 uses the same search coil as the most expensive products on the market.

We hope that this detailed comparison has helped you pick your next metal detector. But in case you are still curious about more comparisons, head over to our detailed guide. Also, if you are looking for more options, we have curated a list of best metal detectors that you should definitely check out.