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Often, we come across a device made from a piece of taut and sturdy fabric running amid a steel [1] frame using several coiled springs or plastic rods reinforced with glass. Trampolines are famous for bouncing in competitive events or recreational purposes everyone can enjoy.

Although their bed is not elastic, trampolines are bouncy. The little elasticity comes from the frame’s springs. They are commonly used to exercise the entire body, build leg, stomach, thighs, hips muscles, and quickly burn fat. For people wishing to improve their balance and agility, then this is the perfect device to use.

Now that you are familiar with what a trampoline is and some of its uses, let us shed light on how to measure a trampoline.

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How Do You Measure A Trampoline?

How to measure trampoline is a confusing task. It is essential to know the industrial recommended size in order to purchase the right sizes of a trampoline. You might get accessories that vary slightly in size, which is okay, but a few centimeters will hinder your accessories from fitting well.

Measuring Round Trampoline

You can measure the size of a round trampoline using the metal frame diameter. First off, begin by measuring the trampolines exterior outer metal edge. Second, do a straight measurement across the opposite side, towards the outer metal edge. 

Repeat the frame diameter measurement this time horizontally to where you had initially measured. Ensure that you take the mean of the two measurements, which should give you your estimated trampoline size.

Measuring the diameter twice ensures that you get a correct measurement if any damage or bending of the frame or the trampoline cannot stand on the ground level.

However, always ensure that your trampoline’s springs maintain suitable attachment and the bed perfectly installed correctly before measuring.

Rectangular Trampoline

Before you measure a rectangular trampoline, you first need to measure the length of its metal frame. The size of the lengths will let you know the size of the rectangular trampoline.

Oval Trampoline

For an oval trampoline, you first have to measure the size of the short and long sides. The trampolines’ most generous width will give you the estimated measurement of the trampoline.

Measuring A Trampoline Mat

Your jumping mat size should fit for it to offer good bounces and fun. It should not be too tight to the extent of extending or overworking your trampoline’s springs and stitches. Before buying a new mat, it’s imperative to measure the size of your previous mat. Here are a few tips on how to measure a trampoline mat.

Start by measuring the size of your trampoline’s frame from the outer edge in meters to get the diameter size. Ensure that you take the same measurements all around.

Count the number of springs on the trampoline and measure each spring’s length is recorded correctly.

To get the correct size of each spring, put every spring on the frame hole and take measurements from the frame’s outer edge to the bottom of the spring that attaches to the mat. That is how you measure a trampoline mat. The figures you get in the end will go a long way in helping you get a perfect mat size.

What Sizes Do Trampolines Come In

You might wonder what sizes do trampolines come in and the ideal size to invest in. All shapes of trampolines are available in standard and average sizes. The size that best suits you depends on your budget and the size of your yard or field.

Standard Trampoline Size

A standard trampoline size ranges from 7ft to 6 ft. If it gets any bigger or smaller, then it ceases to be a standard size.

Average Size

Average Trampoline Sizes range from 8 to 10 Ft, ideal for small backyards. The ideal size for medium-sized trampolines is 12Ft and 14Ft, which are a perfect fit for adults.

How To Measure The Trampoline Springs

Are you stranded on how to measure trampoline springs? Worry less because this is an effortless task. Take four or more springs from your trampoline randomly. Measure them while they are unstretched from end to end. Add the measurements together and calculate the medium. The measurement you get is the average length of each spring. Straightforward! That is how to measure trampoline springs in less than five minutes.

How To Measure Trampoline For Net

First, identify your trampoline’s net style because enclosure systems are unique to each brand. Some popular types include top ring enclosures, straight-curved pole enclosures, Arched poles with sleeves, arched poles with straps, and straight pole enclosures.

Second, measure your trampoline diameter from one end of the steel frame to the other all-around for accuracy. Note that how to measure trampoline for the net differs from measuring the mat diameter. Here, avoid measuring your mat’s diameter for net measurements; rest, you get inappropriate estimates.

Last, count the number of safety enclosure poles and arches on your trampoline. The poles extending vertically above the trampoline mat’s jumping area determine the safety of the arches and enclosure poles.

Once you follow the above steps to the core, you will have the perfect net estimate for your trampoline.


If it is the first time you are installing a trampoline or replacing your old one with a new one, consider some safety precautions. When setting up the trampoline, ensure an available safety perimeter not less than 4 meters around it. It should also be several meters away from the wall, trees, and poles for the user’s safety. [2]

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How do I know the size of my trampoline?

Once you know where and how to measure, you will know the perfect size for your trampoline. The frame diameter will give you the right measurements. You can take the measurements using a tape measure.

What is the best size of a Trampoline?

The best size depends on your budget, field size, and purpose of the trampoline. You can choose to either get the standard or average one.

Is it necessary to find out the size of springs when replacing a trampoline mat?

Yes, it is. You should measure the springs’ length before buying a new mat to ensure that they will correctly hold the mat without straining.