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Play Ping Pong Like a Pro with This Incredible Guide

Do you want to know How to play table tennis like a pro? We have compiled some general rules and guidelines to help you become better at the game and win easily. Ping pong is very easy if you take your time to learn the craft and be better. 

Any aspiring ping pong player should learn some basic rules to ensure they play more effectively. They are straightforward to comprehend, so here are what we want you to know as the top five basic rules of ping pong:

Apart from the rules, there are some skills it would be best to develop to enhance your game. Check out these skills we have compiled to help you be better:

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Where Ping Pong Started 

We have done a lot of research and delve deeper into finding the origin of table tennis. Ping pong is a trendy game, especially in Europe and Asia. But where did ping pong originate?

Ping pong was the game’s trade name when it started in the early 20th century in England [1]. The name changed in 1921-22 when the association formed in 1902 adopted the name table tennis. The game spread quickly across the continent.

The maiden world championship took place in London in 1926. The game quickly spread across the continent and entered the global arena. 


How to Hold a Ping Pong Paddle

We understand the need to ensure you have the right tools to play this game effectively. Your paddle is a critical part of the game that will make you win in any championship. It would be best to hold it the right way and always be ready when the ball hits your table. 

There are different grips we have compiled from top players, and they are effective in helping in the concentration of the game.

Shakehand grip [2]; requires you to hold the paddle loosely with the web between your thumb and your index finger to touch the blade’s curve. Holding the racket feels like shakings hands with another person.

Penhold grip [3]; can be mainly used while serving, but it is fragile when you need to use the backside. Also, work on your footwork.

Serve Effectively to Win More

Do you know how to serve? It would be best to know how to serve better since it is a critical part of the game. You can use the following methods to serve your ball effectively:

Hold the ball flat in your palm and let your opponent see where the ball is. However, you can use some element of surprise or deception just like other top players. 

This is more customized, and you need to check your opponent’s position and how they hold the paddle. 

Ensure you don’t miss or touch the net by doing a short tossup. Enough practice will enable you to employ these skills more effectively. 

Look out for these skills while serving:

There are a lot of paddles available in the market today. Just make sure you find the best to practice these serves.

Here is How to Win at Ping Pong

Ping pong is everywhere, right in your office, and win championships. You need to know how to win at ping pong before starting the game. People take it too seriously, and it would be best to be the champion of the place you are at any given time. It will help if you put in the vital work first by not working on skills that may not better your game. We looked up the following guide to improve your game and become the champion in your office or the division you have been looking for. 

You need to consider the kind of bat you want to use anytime you are playing. Rackets are not the same, and you should get the one that fits you, and your hand is holding any right you are playing. 

The kind of game you play should be the same without mixing. Different layers play differently, and you can be more lethal by using a similar attack or defense strategy to all of their styles. Being consistent is essential since you are familiar with your craft and defend or attack even without thinking. 

Most ping pong champions are the best in backspins. Learn how you can incorporate backspins in your game and utilize it more often. 

Add more weapons to your arsenal. Your service doesn’t have to be straight or direct. Use some element of surprise and deception to confuse your opponent. There are different ways to serve, and you can learn them by simple practice alone against a wall. 

Like in any game, problem solvers always come on top of the game. You can do this by learning your craft and establishing yourself with a unique way to play your game. Use your skill in getting the ball to the table. There is the win. 


The dimension of the table for tennis

Do you know how big is a ping pong table? It would be best to know the ping pong table’s size since the table’s room influences the game immensely. 

A standard ping pong table used in world championships is 9′ long by 5′ wide. Your game’s room should have a bigger size than this to allow access to both sides of the table. Fans or a wall should never restrict your movement.

Take Care of Your Tools 

A paddle is your leading winning partner. You can maintain it by cleaning it regularly and ensuring your game remains on top. Do you know how to clean ping pong paddle? The cleaning process is straightforward, and it takes a short time. You will need to have sponges, clothes, water, rubber cleaner, or any other options you know. 

Use cool or warm water to clean by dipping your sponge into the water and gently rubbing the paddle’s surface. Ensure it dries after the cleaning process. 

You can make the process simpler by getting an efficient rubber cleaner for the task. These will remove every stain on your paddle that water may not be able to remove. 


Use these guidelines to improve your game effectively. Daily practice with diligence will help you achieve the level of skills you want. Also, don’t forget to maintain your tools including getting to know how to clean ping pong paddle.


  1. How long does a game last?

A ping pong game lasts until one player reaches 11 points. The player will also have to win two points.

  1. How many serves do I have?

You will have two serves in a row.

  1. Do I get penalized for touching the table?

Yes, if you hold the table with your free hand, your opponent gets a free point.

If you want to invest in your game, you’ve got to find budget tables and practice these tricks to get better at your game. For more info about the latest table tennis tables, check out our reviews of top brands on the market