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The best way to know which trampoline is the most amazing is to spend several hours testing it. That’s why we’ve spent two months on extensive research and comparative analysis of the different Skywalker trampoline models. We wanted to be able to zero in on the best trampoline to buy.

We used four succinct criteria for our review purposes, namely: durability, level of safety, jumping area, and ease of assembly.

We landed on the 15-ft as our top choice as it scored higher than any other model available on the market today.

Our Top Pick

Skywalker 15-ft Jump N’ Dunk

  • Safe and Sturdy
  • 143 sq ft jumping area
  • UV protected and weatherproof
  • 3 year warranty

Our Favorite Picks for Skywalker Trampolines

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Best Overall

Skywalker 15 Ft. Jump N' Dunk with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

Skywalker 15 Ft. Jump N’ Dunk with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

  • Easy-mount basketball hoop
  • Versatile design
  • Weather and rust resistant
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Top Choice For Sports

Skywalker 14 Ft. Square Jump, Dunk and Kick Sports Arena

Skywalker 14 Ft. Square Jump, Dunk and Kick Sports Arena

  • Patented no-gap enclosur
  • Safe and easy to attach accessories
  • Foam padded poles for stability
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Best for Gymnasts & Athletes

Skywalker 15 Ft. Rectangle with Enclosure

Skywalker 15 Ft. Rectangle with Enclosure

  • Equipped with two different springs
  • Made of soft, safe play materials
  • Patented enclosure
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Everything You Need To Know About Your Dream Trampoline

Best Overall : Skywalker 15-ft Jump N’ Dunk with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

skywalker-15 ft

Our Rating

If you and your kids want to engage in physical activity at home, this model is definitely a great way to go. Its 143 square feet of jumping area is large enough for doing fun jumping tricks. It is also eminently safe to use with its sturdy enclosure that prevent its users from bouncing off the jumping area.

It’s rust-resistant and bolstered by a galvanized-steel frame and comes with a basketball hoop with breakaway rim that’s sure to add more excitement to your family time. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty for its frame features and a 1-year limited warranty for other materials.

An added benefit is that its materials and enclosure are all designed with protection from UV light. It’s also designed as a weather-resistant trampoline [1]. So,it’s durable when left outside and can withstand the enormous stress brought about by constant use. The bigger round legs and frame make this trampoline sturdy. It’s also heavy and well-made.

Without a doubt, the Skywalker 15-ft Jump N’ Dunk—with its safety enclosure and basketball hoop—is our top choice. It’s also easy to assemble with its enclosure net already pre-installed for added convenience.

Top Choice for Sports : Skywalker 14-ft Square Jump, Dunk & Kick Sports Arena

14 ft square jump

Our Rating

The Skywalker 14-ft Square Sports Arena Trampoline includes a kick game net on its frame and double basketball hoops in the enclosure. Its unique square shape provides 20% more jumping area than a 14-ft round one with its larger corner-to-corner measurements would.

Its enclosure poles are covered with soft foam padding and are positioned away from the net. The Skywalker square definitely meets the ASTM safety standards and even exceeds them. It has a thick, UV-resistant PVC spring pad that makes it more durable, as well as 95 rust-resistant springs that are 6.5 inches long.

The Skywalker 14-ft Square also comes with a net enclosure that features the patented “No-Gap” enclosure system that interlocks the jump mat with the enclosure net to eliminate dangerous gaps. It has reinforced T-sockets and rust-resistant springs with its heavy-duty galvanized steel framework. It is definitely durable and will provide you and your kids with years of quality exercise time.

If not for the higher price and slightly smaller jumping area, this would definitely be our top overall choice.

Best for Gymnasts & Athletes : Skywalker 15-ft Rectangle with Enclosure

SW - Premium 17ft olympic sized rectangle

Our Rating

The Skywalker 15-ft Rectangular Trampoline is uniquely-shaped and provides better bounce for gymnasts and athletes. It features the patented “No-gap” enclosure system that eliminates the gaps and provides great safety for its users. It is designed according to the highest safety standards and exceeds all ASTM safety standards [2].

The Skywalker 15-ft Rectangular also features reinforced T-sockets that increase its stability and prevent any structural twisting. It’s weather and rust resistant with its galvanized steel frame construction. Its jump mat is also made of UV-protected material for durability and its thick vinyl-coated spring pad is fade-resistant to boot.

Based on user feedback, the safety enclosure fits well with great padding all around the trampoline. Its big enough and has more than enough room for 3 children to jump on.

Credits: Skywalker Trampolines

Most Compact : Skywalker 17-ft Oval with Enclosure and Wind Stakes

17 ft oval

Our Rating

The Skywalker 17-ft Oval Trampoline is the largest and most expensive model on our list. It comes with an enclosure and plenty of room for jumping activities. It also comes with extra legs for optimal support.

Its steel frame is made of 16-gauge galvanized steel and reinforced T-sockets that provide it with additional support to prevent structural twisting. It is uniquely shaped with safety features that include the patented “No-Gap” enclosure that eliminates dangerous gaps. It also includes the Stay-Put enclosure net that is designed with a button-hole interlocking feature.

This model features materials that are UV-resistant for added durability. It also has four 12.5″-long stakes made of weather-resistant galvanized steel. These stakes help in stabilizing the trampoline against strong winds.

The Skywalker 17-ft Oval is surely a great choice for those with a little extra to spend.

Most Safe : Skywalker 16-ft Round with ‘No-gap’ Enclosure System

sw 15ft round

Our Rating

If the 15-ft round seems smaller to you and your kids, you can definitely opt for the Skywalker 16-ft Round Trampoline. It provides you with an extra square foot of jumping area, although it is a little less than $100 more expensive than the round 15-footer.

You and your kids can bounce your day away using this larger version of the Skywalker trampoline. It also features the patented “No-gap” enclosure system design wherein the enclosure net is attached to the jump mat at every spring, eliminating the danger of getting a hand or a foot stuck in the usually-present gap.  

This model has reinforced T-bracket technology that adds strength at each joint and prevents the twisting of its joints. The springs are made more durable due to its UV-protected vinyl coated frame.

Like the above, the enclosure features a dual closure system with positive latch clips and heavy-duty zipper. The Skywalker 16-ft round is surely a great alternative to the Skywalker 15-ft if you want a larger jumping area for the added price.

Kids’ Favorite Choice : Skywalker 14-ft Round with Enclosure

14 ft round enclosure

Our Rating

Just like the Skywalker 15-ft, the 14-ft Round Trampoline is definitely a good choice for safety, although its area is slightly smaller than the above mentioned 15-footer.

With this model, you can bounce the day away free of injury. Its safety enclosure net is attached to each spring to eliminate gaps between the net and the mat. This prevents its user from falling off.

Its T-bracket technology also adds to its strength and prevents the twisting of its frame. Its heavy-duty galvanized steel frame is rust-resistant, giving this model added durability. Its frame is also coated with UV-protection vinyl coating to make it weatherproof.

This model is also easy to assemble with its enclosure net already pre-installed for added convenience. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year frame limited warranty and 90-day material warranty. The Skywalker Trampoline 14-footer is less expensive than the 15-ft model and is a good alternative to it overall.

According to user feedback, it needs to people to assemble and will take you about 2 hours. This would make your work easier and faster. The net is thick and looks better once you finish to assemble it. This also has a better bounce compared to any other trampolines in the same price.

Best for Durability and Safety : Skywalker 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

12 foot jump n dunk

Our Rating

Another great choice among the different trampoline models rolled out by Skywalker is the 12-ft Jump N’ Dunk. It is thoroughly tested for durability and safety and has the patented “No-Gap” enclosure that is designed to eliminate the dangerous gaps between the jump surface and the enclosure net.

It also features reinforced T-sockets at the enclosure joint and leg that further increase its frame stability and prevent the onset of structural twisting. These T-sockets are made completely of steel and are treated with a rust-resistant coating.

It comes with seventy-two 5.5″ tightly-coiled springs that are strategically located on the outside of the enclosure net for extra safety. The enclosure system also features padded poles with upright foam that add awesome stability and safety to the net. Each of these poles is specifically angled at the top to keep the enclosure net away from the poles.

Another thing we totally agree with users is the easy assembly and the sturdiness with a decent price. It lasts for years even with regular use.

Lastly, the Skywalker 12-ft trampoline comes with a 3-year limited warranty for its frame and features and a 1-year limited warranty for other materials.


After reviewing the top Skywalker models using the above mentioned criteria of durability, level of safety, jumping area, and ease of assembly, we’ve come up with our top trampolines choice—the Skywalker 15-ft Jump N’ Dunk.

It includes all the safety features that all of these models have in common and provides the best balance of size, features, and price.

And when it comes to durability, this Skywalker 15-footer is proven to be just that.

First, it has a rust-resistant galvanized-steel and vinyl-coated frame with materials and enclosure that are protected from UV light. It is truly designed as a weather-resistant trampoline that can withstand years of use. It is also easy to assemble, so if you do want to store it for the winter, you won’t struggle putting it back up in the spring.

We can’t see any reason not to buy this model. Can you?

Our Overall Pick

Skywalker 15-ft Jump N’ Dunk

15 ft jump n dunk

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